Olive varieties:

Our product line traces the ancient tradition the sunny land of the Carthaginians. It comes from the olive trees, planted in a sandy soil... It is a real local product, great tasting.

You will find enclosed the two best-known Tunisian varieties:

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  • Unique in the world, this variety is the most grown in Tunisia.

  • Its fruit has quite good pomological and gustative characteristics.

  • The fruits are slightly elogated with an attractive exterior appearance.

  • The fruit is fleshy with a low bitterness rate, and with detachable core.

  • Free from any abnormal smell or flavor due in particular to microbiological alteration.

  • It is a variety that accomodates to different modes of preparation: Natural or candied, crushed, stuffed, wrinkled black.


  • The french Origin Variety, the most widespread in French, introduced since the colonial era in Tunisia.

  • The PICHOLINE has a dual purpose, especially known as Green Table Olive or Olive of Cocktail.

  • It is characterised by the elongated shape of its fruits and by its small core.

  • Very fruity and green, strong flesh and regular, good adhesion to cores.

  • Vegetal typical flavor of the PICHOLINE with a slightly salty finish.

  • This Olive is consumed as an aperitif but is also appreciated in stew.


Green olives (MESKI), Natural Olives (MESKI), green olives (PICHOLINE)

On the known and proven origin, Quality 'premium' which is fully in keeping with the experience of Mediterranean fresh olives. These olives are characterized by their diversity, both in terms of colors that tastes of formats.


Stuffed with almonds, stuffed with lemons, stuffed with Cayenne peppers.

Natural and manual feed, which is done delicately using raw materials in their state to ensure a tatste of unparalled purity.

Whole green olives

Black olives wrinkled with rosemary

Green olives stuffed with Cayenne peppers

Green olives stuffed with almonds

Black olives wrinkled with olive oil

Green olives in slices

Broken natural Olives (rotating) with lemons

Green olives stuffed with lemons

Broken natural Olives (rotating) with fennel

Pitted green olives

Whole green olives with rosemary

Whole natural Olives with (rotating)

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